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  1. Natural Gas Line Installation
  2. Gas leak detection
  3. Repair or Replacement of gas lines
  4. Gas Appliance Connections
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Why Us?

About The Gas Connection

As a family owned business since 1980 The Gas Connection Inc. has installed over 200,000 gas lines for appliances in commercial and residential applications. We have worked with home owners, contractors within virtually every industry and with all the local jurisdictions.

We have also partnered and worked alongside utility companies, designers and others for one purpose and that is to provide the installation of gas lines in the safest most cost effective way. They have done this with the commitment to be the best in the gas industry for installing gas lines.

To the Home owner that means we have installed every appliance that could ever be installed in a home or property. This would include gas lines for cooking ranges, BBQs, gas firepit, fireplaces, dryers, patio heaters, snow melt, and of course furnaces and water heaters.

We also install natural gas refueling stations at residential homes and for contractors who want the savings and benefits of operating natural gas vehicles at a fraction of the cost of gasoline or diesel. Although the list goes on and on it really means we are prepared to take care of all your natural gas line needs.

For the contractors that means we will provide all or any part of the gas line project you need us to do. Some have us do just the gas lines while others have us include the hookup to appliances which sometimes involves venting the appliance.

So when would you need The Gas Connection? To add a gas line for a new appliance, to replace an old gas line, to repair a leaking gas line or increase the capacity of an existing gas line.

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We are located in Broomfield Colorado but serve from Fort Collins to Castle Rock and many of the mountain regions. Wherever you are or whatever your needs The Gas Connection Inc. with over 30 employees which includes our in-house installers have the experience and ability to take care of your needs. Call us for a free estimate and see just how professional we are. You will not be disappointed.


Gas Line Installation

Whole House Gas Line Replacement

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Gas leaks & no heat or hot water happen at the worst possible times.

Gas Leak Detection

Find & Repair Natural Gas Leaks

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“Xcel was just at my home and found a gas leak”
This is a common phone call we receive from concerned customers.

Gas Appliance Hook Up

No mess, cleanup or hassle.

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Bring excitement to your back yard gatherings while
enjoying the warmth and beauty of your own personal campfire at the turn of a key!

FAQs & News

  • Do you need a licensed installer?

    Definitely Yes: The Gas Connection, Inc. is licensed in every city and county in the Denver Metro Area, along the Front Range and most mountain communities.

  • How much experience do you have and how long have you been in business?

    The Gas Connection, Inc. has specialized in the installation and service of natural gas lines, gas fireplaces, and firepits in Colorado since 1980.

  • Who else installs gas lines?

    No other company specializes in gas lines like The Gas Connection, Inc. The Gas Connection, Inc. installs more gas lines and appliances in a week than most companies do in a year.

  • Do you warranty your work

    Choosing The Gas Connection, Inc. for your installation allows you to purchase your unit from any one of our Gold Retail Accounts with the confidence of knowing that Colorado’s leading installers will warranty the unit, even though we don’t sell the unit. In addition, we have a one year warranty on our gas lines and a two year warranty on the operation of any manually operated custom gas firepit we install.

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