natural gas service

Natural gas service Denver Metro is our specialty and we have been doing it for over 37 years. We recommend leaving the pilot light on all year. Some gas logs will have periodic pilot outage caused by wind, weak pilot or gas pressure fluctuations.

Turning the control knob 90 degrees clockwise, back to the pilot position will turn off gas logs. Natural gas logs should be operated with the glass doors in an fully open position.

We recommend that the glass doors be left open for 20-30 minutes after shutting the main burner off to cool off the controls.

Turning the unit on is done with a switch on the unit, on the surround or a wall switch.

Turning the switch should ignite the main burner turning on your unit. Pilot light should remain on throughout the year on standing pilot units. Click here for general pilot lighting instructions.

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Fans are controlled in most cases by two switches. A heat sensitive switch allows the fan to start once the fireplace has heated up circulating warm air from the unit.

This switch also keeps the fan running after the main burner is shut off, continuing to circulate warm air until the unit cools to a certain temperature.

The second switch is an on/off rheostat controlling the speed of the fan. Many people prefer to set this switch in a low to medium position allowing conversation or other entertainment without the high-speed fan noise.

Some fans may be wired only to an on/off switch and must be manually turned on or off and only run at one speed which is usually high.

Glass cleaning should be done as necessary, particularly after adding new ember material. Glass may need cleaning several times each season depending on usage.

Film deposits on the inside of the glass should be cleaned off using a glass cleaner designed for fireplace glass.

Note: Natural gas service is best left to the professionals. Most of all, do not handle or attempt to clean the glass when it is hot.

Reach out to us here with any questions.