Contractors Corner

Why Should I Use a Subcontractor?

For 39 years The Gas Connection has been the trusted subcontractor when installing a gas line is required. Gas lines are needed in virtually every industry for both residential and commercial piping projects.

Having installed & serviced over 300,000 gas lines, The Gas Connection has the expertise to be there for you on any size gas line installation you ncontractorseed.

Contractors every day have to decide how to utilize their workforce. With today’s labor market, it makes financial sense to incorporate trusted subcontracting into your business plan. Allowing your company to focus on what you specialize in maximizes returns with the workforce you already have.

Having a specialist install the gas lines on your projects reduces liability and improves scheduling demands. This is just the beginning of the true cost of “doing business.”

The end result, is that you utilize your valuable time in running your business and not letting it run you.

From the contractor’s design stage to scheduling, The Gas Connection can assist with a free estimate. This includes recommendations for both the most economical, and the safest way to have the needed gas line installed. Free estimates can come in two forms. The first being a verbal estimate that would be sent to you in under two hours. The second, is an onsite estimate that you would receive within 24 hours. Many verbal estimates are given to you while you’re on site and still on the phone.

Contractors | What to Consider

Commercial gas lines need to be installed right the first time. There are many factors to consider in designing the system to ensure safe and efficient operation of the gas equipment. The proper sizing is just part of the solution in order to have the most cost-effective system installed. Sizing will not only supply the current and proposed demand, but have feasible options for future needs. Available inlet pressure makes all the difference in the design of a natural gas system, since it affects pipe sizing. The allowable pressure drop will also play a major role in supplying the required CFH ( Cubic feet per hour). This will ensure proper operation of all gas appliances under a full load.

When considering these factors, it pays for a specialized company to be involved.  Many times, all of these factors are not taken into consideration. This could lead to higher costs and reduced capacities. Whether it’s a new gas line, a replacement, or an upgrade, having the facts allow for the greatest value.

Besides working with you on the design, contractors receive priority scheduling. That means the installation of the residential or commercial gas line will never hold up your schedule for your customer. Bottom line, we are ready when you are.


Permits can also be the cause of delays. TGC is licensed and insured along the front range, including mountain communities, and has a great relationship with the jurisdictions. We know what information they will need and can quickly provide that to them or to you. Some projects may need Xcel or another utility company to upgrade meter capacity, increase pressure, or increase the service line. We’ve partnered with utility companies to upgrade services and restore gas to customers that have had leaks or code violations.

Qualifications | OQ Certified Contractors

With our installers being OQ Certified (Operator Qualified) they are approved to work on any gas line whether above or underground. OQ certified means they have been trained, taken national testing, been evaluated, undergone background checks, and taken a drug test. In fact, our in-house installers have a combined 300+ years of experience in the natural gas line industry. What that means, is they will maintain our exceptional safety rating while completing any task with professionalism and efficiency.

TGC doesn’t sell appliances, so we can compliment contractors with installing gas lines while leaving customers to your care. When it comes to gas line installations, we would like to offer our service for any gas line task you need. This includes gas inspections, leak detection with repairs or replacement, or installing the rough gas piping.

We are also a great resource with the necessary information on fire pit specs, trenching requirements, appliance installs, and hookups.

Call us today, and we will not disappoint you.