Gas fireplace installation in the Denver Metro area and surrounding mountain communities. Sometimes a person likes the idea of a fireplace but their location will not accommodate a model that uses wood.

It is possible to install a gas fireplace that has the same effect. This means no carrying wood, cleaning ashes or worrying about chimney repair.

We will design a gas fireplace installation system that will provide the same comfort as one that requires wood. Natural gas fireplaces are an excellent alternative for those who don’t have space for a wood fireplace.

Gas Fireplace Installation | Denver Metro Professionals

Custom gas fire pits make an excellent addition to outside areas and allow you to enjoy a patio year round. These outdoor units are usually made of stone, brick or other materials and blend perfectly with the surroundings.

Gas fireplaces are clean, are a fire that can be turned on when needed and they work well in heating a home or commercial location. Gas Fireplace Installation Denver

There are many different gas fireplaces on the market that are a beautiful addition to any home, office or business. Having the warm flames of a fireplace makes any location inviting for residents or customers.

Convert Your Fireplace To Natural Gas

For those who already have a wood fireplace, it is possible to convert it to gas while keeping the ambiance and warmth of a cozy fire. It also eliminates the problem that often occurs when trying to get a wood fire to start.

An additional convenience is being able to control the flame by the use of a remote control or wall switch.  Studies have found that gas fireplaces are not only energy efficient but lower the cost of heating as well.

When the price of natural gas is .35 cents per cubic foot, operating a 30,000 BTU natural gas fireplace will cost approximately 10.5 cents per hour.

For energy efficiency, direct-vent gas fireplaces keep 70 percent of the heat generated in the house, which is a great deal more than heat generated by wood.

At The Gas Connection, we do not sell products. However, once you have selected your fireplace, or constructed your outdoor unit, it is our job to connect it with a natural gas line in-ground or above ground.

Since 1980, our reputation as experts in gas fireplace installation is known throughout the industry and the state of Colorado. We design, service and provide proper gas lines for fireplaces and other gas appliances.

Gas Fireplace | Considerations

  • A number of factors must be taken into consideration when a gas line is installed:
    Proper gas pipe sizing for the most cost effective system
  • Available inlet gas pressure
  • Pressure drop
  • Design of the gas system

Using the above factors, we are able to design and install a cost effective gas system for the installation of your gas fireplace. For a gas fireplace, we provide gas line installation, venting and a final hook up.

Our designers and installers work equally well with residential, commercial, multi-family units and contractors. This assures our customer with a fireplace that will work efficiently and provide constant heat throughout the structure.

If you have an already existing gas line system, it is important to have this inspected prior to your gas fireplace installation. The majority of gas lines will last approximately 30-40 years.

After this period of time they can develop multiple leaks which require a complete gas line replacement. Being safe is important so, if your gas line is this old, it is important to call us for a gas line inspection.

The Gas Connection is proud of our reputation in the field of gas fireplace installation and offer free estimates. We are insured and offer highly experienced installers, first rate materials and fast service.

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