A gas leak emergency in Denver needs immediate attention. Natural gas is one of the most efficient, economical and cleanest types of fuel.

Natural gas allows you to enjoy its benefits without the necessary clean-ups that are required with other types of fuel. However, occasionally a gas leak emergency may occur.

Gas leaks can develop from poor installation, a movement of the earth or the age of the pipe line installation.

Most importantly, when having a gas line installed, make sure it is done by a highly reputable company. That is a reputation The Gas Connection is happy to enjoy for over 40 years.

Gas Leak Emergency | Denver Metro

Today’s rules require that natural gas contain a harmless chemical called Mercaptan. As a result, this produces a smell similar to rotten eggs and allows you to detect gas leaks which may occur.

If you use gas in your home and detect this smell, get everyone out of the house and call 911. Then, they will send someone to turn off the gas at the meter, from the meter on is your responsibility. gas leak emergency Denver

Sometimes a gas line is “yellow tagged”. This means that the gas is not turned off, but you will be instructed to have repairs made ASAP.

If your meter is “red tagged” it means that the meter is locked. Only the utility company can authorize a licensed gas repair company. The Gas Connection can make all the necessary repairs.

When the repairs are completed, they will test the line and unlock the meter. The gas is turned back on and gas appliances are checked to see if they are working correctly.

This makes it imperative, if you encounter a smell like rotten eggs, contact us immediately. Often, only a small repair is required, which will help to avoid a “Red Tag” situation.

Gas Leak Inspection

When you first suspect there may be a gas leak, it is time to call us. We will have someone on site in a timely fashion.

Our expert inspector will determine where the leak is and make the necessary repairs quickly and efficiently.

We will make sure you and your family are able to use your gas equipment safely and efficiently without interruption.

With our many years in business, we are well acquainted with local jurisdictions, utility companies and inspectors.

Their confidence in our gas line repairs makes it a simple matter to arrange any necessary repairs quickly and efficiently. As a result, this helps avoid the red tape that is often involved in gas leak emergencies.

State and federal agencies have adopted Gas Piping and Technology Committee standards for grading natural gas leaks.

These are divided into Grade 1-3 leaks with Grade 1 determined to be the most hazardous to persons or property.

Such a leak requires immediate repair. Firstly, a grade 2 is non-hazardous but requires scheduled repair. Secondly, a grade 3 leak is non-hazardous but should be repaired to avoid further leak development.

Gas Leak Repair | Denver Calls The Pro’s

When repairing gas lines it is important to contact a company that is experienced and has a good reputation.

Here at The Gas Connection, we are happy to fulfill these requirements. This allows us to offer our customers fast and efficient service during a gas leak emergency.

With over 38 years of experience in gas pipe installation and repair, we are proud of our 5 star reputation.

Worried about a possible gas leak emergency? Give us a call at (303) 466-4206. We will send one of our expert, insured and licensed, inspectors out to determine if you have a problem.

If there is a leak, he we will be happy to explain the options available. Keep your family safe with professional help from The Gas Connection.

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