Gas line installation cost for homeowners shouldn’t be unpredictable. You are probably aware that gas pipe installation and repair are a common home improvement and maintenance project, but do you know the gas line installation cost? The Gas Connection are the leading gas line installers in Colorado. We’re here to share with you the gas line costs that you can expect.

gas line installation cost

The actual cost to install a gas line depends on several factors including:

  • Amount and type of gas piping needed
  • Current state of the piping systems in your home
  • Current capacity of existing gas piping
  • Complexity of the installation

The materials that are required for this installation are the gas piping, shut off valves, mounts, fittings, and any other
associated hardware.

As a very general estimate, most homeowners spend $250 and $700 on gas piping services. Here, we’ve broken down the
average costs related to a gas line installation.

In most locations, installing a gas line can cost $20 to $30 per a foot, but the price could be as
much as $75 per a foot or more.

If a gas line needs to be extended to accommodate new gas appliances, the cost will probably be between $250 and $500.
The cost could even reach $500 to $1,000 if the new appliance needs a new gas line running back to the gas meter.

For homeowners considering converting their homes to natural gas, the price to install a gas line from the street to
the house could range from $500 to $2,000 depending on the exact distance.

Outdoor Living | Gas Line Costs

The cost of running a gas line for an outdoor grill or fire pit is usually $20 to $25 per linear foot.

These lines are typically installed with steel gas pipe above ground and a specialized flexible gas pipe for underground.

Whether the gas line is installed for a bbq, range,  outdoor fireplace or fire pit, choosing the correct type of gas line is very important.
Adding gas pipe to a gas fireplace can cost $15 to $25 per linear foot for an interior line.

  • A gas line pressure test can cost $75 to $100
  • The average cost to cap a gas line is between $75 and $150
  • Fixing or replacing a damaged gas line is $6 to $7 per a square linear foot for old line removal,
    plus the new installation costs.
  • The cost to move or reroute a gas line is about $15 to $25 per a linear foot.
  • The cost of trenching is $4 to $12 per a square linear foot.
  • Landscaping repairs from trenching can be between $600 and $3,000, depending largely on the
    type of landscaping that you have. For instance, simply installing sod wouldn’t cost as much as
    running a line under a beautiful stone patio.

natural gas line costs

Safety First | Choose Gas Line Professionals

When calculating gas line installation cost, you also want to keep the hourly labor rates of plumbers in mind.

The hourly rate of most plumbers range from $45 to $150 an hour, but of course, the rate can vary significantly depending on your exact area.


Trust The Gas Connection for your gas line installation because for 39 years we have specialized in gas line installations and always provide an estimate before we begin work.

One of the most common reasons for a gas line installation is the purchase of a new appliance such as a cooking range, fire pit, BBQ, or furnace.

Although installing a gas line may seem straight forward the job can actually be really complex, so that’s why a professional should be consulted.

If you try to do the job yourself, make sure you pull a permit and are aware of the dangers and local building codes. The dangers may out weight any perceived cost saving, knowing that you may experience situations that could pose a threat to your safety and property damage to your home.

Remember gas lines are safe if installed correctly and can be extremely affordable with the right company.

Gas Line Installation Experts

Serving the Denver, Colorado area, The Gas Connection offers reasonably priced residential gas line installation for gas appliances. We have been in business for just over 39 years. We are the preferred choice for installing natural gas lines and natural gas products.

Whether you have a gas fire pit or gas lighting, we’ll make your gas appliance installation easier and more convenient.

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