Gas pipe installation should only be performed by licensed professionals. When adding natural gas appliances in your home or business, the most important step is the gas pipe installation. Each pipe joint needs to be carefully sealed to meet state and local regulations. Your appliance will then operate safely and efficiently.

We are proud to serve customers in the Denver Metro area with gas piping services that fulfills your needs. Working with designers, plumbing, heating and mechanical contractors, we are happy to offer both commercial and residential services.

Gas Pipe Installation | Requirements

Before installing a gas line, follow these steps:

  • Obtain a local permit
  • Gas pipes must be safe and have sufficient capacity inside the house pr business
  • The gas pipe size depends on what the appliance requires

When the above requirements are met, we are ready to install your natural gas pipe. These steps are done by a person who is highly trained in all aspects of gas pipe installations. We take special care to ensure this installation does not conflict with current or future plans for the premise.

After installation and hookup, we will perform an additional tes on all connections to be sure there is no leaks. Although we do not sell appliances, we are happy to connect a natural gas pipe to any approved gas appliance. We are proud to offer our residential customers hookups for such things as gas fireplaces, fire pits, outdoor heating, grilles and more. Gas-Pipe-Installation

Gas Line Installations | Natural Gas Ranges

There are specific requirements when connecting a natural gas line to any appliance. Both residential and commercial ranges require detailed steps to install an appliance that will operate correctly and safely. Gas pipes must be specific to the appliance needing a fuel line and hookup. The capacity of the gas appliance and the pressure it needs for safe and optimal operation must be met to provide safe and reliable performance.

While older range models use pilot lights to ignite the burners, today newer stoves have electronic ignitions for safety. This is true whether you are installing a standard stove or a countertop model. For these, having the correct gas pressure and capacity are essential. Natural gas appliances require sufficient capacity in the lines in order to operate efficiently. If gas piping is already in place, we can complete a test to assure the right flow is reaching the appliances. Sometimes, all you need is an adjustment.

Popular Natural Gas Lines

Gas fireplaces are extremely popular in today’s homes. They are able to create warmth and well-being with the simple flip of a remote control or wall switch. There are a number of different types of natural gas fireplaces available. Direct vent models are the most efficient of the vented fireplaces and return the most heat for the fuel consumed. When it comes to safety, the direct vent models are at the top of the list.

Gas Piping Installation | Our Specialty

We are especially careful with your fireplace gas pipe installation. It needs to be adjusted so it can operate in high altitudes with the specific gas that is provided. Doing this allows the fireplace to operate correctly with no adverse conditions down the road. With outdoor gas fireplaces, bbq’s and patio heaters, a whole new space is available to enjoy.

The “outdoor room” allows for the enjoyment of Colorado’s great outdoors for nearly every day of the year. Having the expertise to properly plan for your new gas appliances will allow for maximum comfort and safety.

If you just purchased a home that has gas appliances it’s always a good idea to have the lines tested. There are several methods depending on the age and location of your home. We perform this service to make sure there are no dangerous leaks or problems. If necessary, we can make any updates that are needed to ensure safety and peace of mind. TGC has more than 38 years of experience in the field and over 250,000 appliances hooked up. We offer our customers the very best service regarding gas pipe installations, connections and repairs.

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