A history of natural gas benefits. Historically, people have used different heat sources for their homes. Wood-burning fireplaces and stoves once dominated the market. However, natural gas is now the leader in many areas across the USA. The world’s natural gas has been around since the dawn of time. The ability to market it commercially is a new development in the history of the world though. It is a good thing that it is now well known. That is, because of how efficient and cost-effective it is.

Natural Gas Benefits

Natural Gas Benefits | A Role in Religion

Gas has been under society’s feet for thousands of years. People just didn’t understand it or know that it could be harvested. Fissures in the rock might allow gas to escape unnoticed until a lightning strike would ignite it. In one case, the Greeks built a temple on the never-ending flame, they believed it to be of divine origin. The Oracle of Delphi lived here and delivered prophecies inspired by the constant flame.

China Led the Way for Transportation and Intentional Use

It’s believed that the Chinese were first to find a way to transport gas to be used for their benefit. They constructed bamboo pipelines that moved the gas. They then used the reliable heat source to boil seawater, harvest the remaining salt, and make it palatable. This was a monumental discovery that they made, leading to helpful improvements for everyone else as well.

Commercial Use Comes from Britain

Britain led the way when it came to the commercial use of natural gas. They harvested natural gas produced by coal to run lighthouses and streetlights. This revolutionary change occurred in 1780. It found its way to the United States in 1816. This is when it was being used to run the streetlights throughout Baltimore, Maryland. It is a big change that has come over time. It started as people having no idea about natural gas and it’s benefits, to it being one of the most used sources of energy in the world.

The American Natural Gas Industry

One challenge with manufactured natural gas is that it’s not as energy efficient as the natural gas found below ground. In 1859, American Colonel Edwin Drake, a former railroad conductor, made history by digging a well and finding natural gas. A two-inch diameter pipeline was built to turn to the nearby town of Titusville, PA. This provided Americans natural gas that could be safely transported for easy use. Because of the progress that continued to be made, this is why we now have the option of having limitless amounts of natural gas at our fingertips.

Natural Gas Benefits

Natural gas was once used almost exclusively to power lights. But, people have since discovered that it’s ideal for heating homes, running water heaters, operating dryers, and cooking. It is the cleanest fossil fuel, and it’s extremely energy efficient. A more basic chemical compound than other fuels, it burns clean for little pollution. It also produces fewer greenhouse gases to help keep the planet clean.

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