Need gas appliance installation in Denver? The Gas Connection has you covered! For over 39 years we have been installing countless numbers of gas appliances and leaving customers happier than before. Bring excitement to your back-yard gatherings or add to the ambiance of your living room. Gas appliances will provide not only beauty, but functional heat and cooking.

Having a gas appliance adds so much to any space, it can be a place to gather inside on cold evenings, make s’mores in the backyard with family and friends, or grill for the neighborhood on the 4th of July.  With options anywhere from a gas fireplace to gas tiki torches, you can be certain we will leave you with a textbook perfect hooked up appliance.

Whatever your purpose is, we are here to help! It would be a daunting task to perform gas appliance installation yourself, so good thing we employ installers who are certified experts in this field and do countless installations every week! The time and cost of getting a gas appliance installed will more than pay for itself once you experience first-hand it’s benefits.

Gas Appliance Installations | Why Pick Natural Gas

Gas Grills

Why pick natural gas? We highly recommend using gas grills over charcoal or propane for many reasons. Using natural gas is not only cheaper than both charcoal and propane, but there is endless access to fuel. Natural gas also burns cleaner, and is easier to clean than a charcoal grill, which means it is a win not just for you, but also the environment!

When it comes to gas grills, there are many options to pick from in order to meet your specific needs. The two most popular choices though, are roll carts and built in grills. There are specific benefits to both. Being well informed leads you to making the right decision for your property.

The main factor of roll carts, is that they are installed with an extendable gas line. There is the ability to not only move your grill around, but also be stored during the winter. On top of that, they are cheaper than a built-in grill and require less maintenance. On the other hand, if you choose to get a built-in gas grill, they will last longer. While also being more reliable and adding to the aesthetic of your backyard.

Gas Patio Heaters

With gas patio heaters, it doesn’t have to be summer for you to be able to use your patio! They offer immense warmth to the surrounding area extending the life of your outdoor room. Just like with gas grills, patio heaters come in a variety of models including free-standing and wall mounted.

A free-standing heater is great for any customer looking for a compact and narrow heater that can be free standing. Wall mounted heaters are space-conscious and they are attached to a wall rather than needing space on the ground.

It takes away no space from your outdoor area, but still provides the necessary heat for a nice relaxing night with friends and family.

Pre-Fabricated Gas Fire Pitsgas-appliance-installation

A pre-fabricated fire pit is yet another alternative when it comes to gas appliance installation options. This is a good choice if there are weight, space, or time concerns. This type of fire pit will arrive in a finished state, with stone/brick facing, and wall caps.

Once there is a fire pit picked, all that needs to be done is to place it in the designated area and hook it up to a gas source! A knowledge of gas lines and hook ups is crucial in completing the installation of a pre-fab fire pit. Luckily, we provide installers who are extremely well-educated in this field!

Gas Lighting & Tiki Torches

Gas light sources are the perfect way to add value, security and beauty to your home. Whether that be through gas lights or tiki torches, both are modern and offered in many styles for your yard, deck, patio, and driveway.

By using these, you will never have to use messy oils again, it will keep bugs away from the premise, and all while bringing unique beauty to the outdoor space.

Natural Gas Backup Generators

Be prepared and never be without power again! By getting a gas backup generator, no matter what conditions arise, you will be able to run your generator to bring back heat, electricity, etc.

Depending on what you want to get out of your generator, there are a variety of styles that accommodate anything from basic back up needs, to fully automatic back up power for the entire house.

Gas Swimming Pool and Spa Heaters

A swimming pool is the perfect component to a home to provide that much more fun for the whole household. Swimming is generally a summer activity, but it doesn’t need to be!

By installing a natural gas heater for the pool, it will extend your swimming season by several months.

You could have much more time to enjoy the warm water and the social atmosphere, just by adding a natural gas heater.