A gas fireplace service should only be completed by a qualified service technician. One who has the proper certifications and earned the right to be distinguished as a nationally recognized gas fireplace service technician. You may be asking yourself, why it is so important? Well I’m glad you asked that question. When considering the safety of family and your home or business, you want the best working on your gas fireplace.

Qualified Gas Fireplace Service Technicians

Whether you’re looking for a tune-up, complegas-fireplace-repairte replacement or anything similar, TGC with 39 years of experience, has you covered. Let’s agree that gas fireplaces are a convenience, good for the environment and helpful to your budget. When installed and serviced properly they are safe, efficient and bring warmth into any room for all to enjoy. With over 300,000 satisfied customers TGC has the most experienced and qualified service technicians in the industry. Safety comes first. Along with that, comes peace of mind and extended years of reliable comfort for the rooms you enjoy most.

Our dedicated service department focuses all its energy and resources on not only being the best in the industry but for setting the standard for what can only be described as, a truly exceptional experience. A gas fireplace is not just supplemental heat; it is the center of attention for any room. It shares its heat and warming glow. Which make the stress of the day melt away as you feel the peaceful effects of its flickering flames.

Gas Fireplace Maintenance | Process

Let’s begin the quick process of choosing and scheduling your gas fireplace service. We want you to enjoy your fireplace like never before. Because of that, we encourage you to investigate TGC and see the hundreds of reviews from Google, BBB, Yelp, Facebook, etc. You’ll see that we are a company that was at the start of the gas hearth Industry in Colorado since 1980. With that, also leading the industry for nearly 40 years. You can’t choose a more reputable, reliable option for having a technician bring your fireplace back to its glory days. gas-fireplace-service-tech

Step One

Call us and experience what customer service is all about. Let our team members help in determining if you need a cleaning, maintenance, repair or replacement.

Step Two

Schedule the appointment that is convenient for you. Don’t worry, we service from Castle Rock to Ft. Collins and are licensed in each jurisdiction.

Step Three

Be amazed at the professionalism of our technicians. They will enter your home wearing company uniforms and protecting your floor and working area. They are fast, efficient and yet friendly and informative. An hourly charge can be scary with some companies. Rest assured, they come prepared with virtually everything they need. On top of that, they have performed service on every type of gas fireplace ever installed in Colorado.

Go ahead, ask them any questions you may have. It can be about options, early-bird specials, remote control operation or suggestions on enjoying your gas fireplace to the fullest. They can help because they are the professionals who have “been there and done that”.

Fireplace Service Advice

A standard, single gas fireplace service call takes about one hour depending on the scope of the work. Most just need a cleaning and an adjustment to ensure proper operation. Since safety comes first, we always do a diagnostic analysis. We do this to determine there are no gas leaks and that your gas fireplace will operate at its optimum performance. A word of caution, don’t wait until winter to have your gas fireplace serviced. Have it done it late spring or summer and take advantage of reduced “Early-Bird” pricing and preferential scheduling. Then when winter does arrive, you’re ready to ward off the cold, enjoying the benefits of your gas fireplace.