Natural gas line installation should be left to the professionals. Gas leaks & no heat or hot water happen at the worst possible times.

Having your gas meter shut off in January in a snow storm does not have to happen. 100% of homes will have gas leaks from aging gas line systems at some point.

The Gas Connection finds that most natural gas line systems end up being replaced or repaired when they are between 30-40 years old.

When an aging gas line system has multiple leaks, it is time to consider replacement of the gas line system. natural gas line installation

As opposed to what becomes multiplied costs and safety concerns due to having multiple repairs performed over and over. This often happens at inopportune times or during severe winter weather when the gas supply has been shut off.

Let The Gas Connection give you an estimate to bring your gas line system to a safe condition.

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Gas Line Installation | Do They Last Forever?

The quick answer is no. If the gas line was installed to code with approved fittings they should last 30-40 years depending on the surroundings.

Natural gas line installation can be affected from the movement of the home settling, being bumped, having the piping compound deteriorate or electrolysis. These are just a few of the causes that could cause your gas piping to become a hazard.

The good news is that a free inspection from The Gas Connection can avoid any unfortunate occurrences from happening.

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Natural Gas Lines | Inspection

When the inspection of your natural gas line shows it to be in great shape then you can take that off your list of worries. Enjoy knowing that you have had a professional verify that all is well!

If there is an issue then you have all the information you need along with pricing to make an informed decision. You could get another bid or trust the company that thousands have trusted for over 35 years.

We have installed over 200,000 gas lines and are licensed and insured in almost every jurisdiction along the Front Range.

A Natural Gas Leak Was Discovered | Now What?

If it’s a small one then most likely we would repair it right then to save you time and money.

If the gas line has several leaks it may be more cost effective to have the whole gas line replaced with new fittings, shut off valves and connectors.

We have the best leak detection equipment and methods in the industry and nothing would be replaced unless it could pose a health or safety hazard.

If you have additional questions about natural gas line installation please don’t hesitate to call us because that’s why we’re here, for you.