Outdoor gas appliances will extend your summer fun and keep the festivities flowing! As summer fades and days grow cooler, we’re often forced inside once the sun is down.

However, with professionally installed outdoor gas appliances, you can warm your patio, add light and increase your time outdoors and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

With a little planning, you can also enjoy a delicious dinner under the stars!

Gas Grill Installation | Enjoy the Bounty of Fall

Summer grilling brings the joy of fresh sweet corn and grilled peaches, but fall grilling offers another round of fresh produce that will thrill the palate with just a little fire.

Delicious treats including grilled squashes and sweet potatoes. Not to mention desserts, featuring grilled apples give outdoor cooks a whole new collection of flavors. outdoor gas appliances

A natural gas grill installation can also be incorporated into a permanent patio feature.

For example, adding a pergola roof over your grill will give you the chance to grill in almost any weather. Negating the need to shut down your grill for the season, lessening the risk of corrosion to your grill components.

If your grill and the area around it is active, you’re less likely to have pests moving in on your outdoor cooking space.

Outdoor Gas Appliances | Light Up the Night

Gas tiki torches offer several advantages, but one of the most important is their ability to burn cleanly.

No soot or smoky discharge will escape your gas torch, only bright light to chase away the shadows as the days get shorter.

You can connect your gas tiki torches directly to your gas line in some instances and light them remotely. Convenience and beauty in one bright package!

Natural gas tiki torches also lessen the risk of oil spills that can cause dangerous burns at worst and stain your patio at the very least. An over saturated oil torch can lead to sparks and may put your landscaping at risk.

For those with sensitivities to oil additives used to combat insect pests such as mosquitoes, you’ve no need to worry. These torches burn clean and produce no odor.

View the Stars in Warmth and Comfort

A gas fire pit can be a gorgeous permanent addition to your outdoor living space.

Whether you want to add a feature that you can place comfy chairs around as you enjoy the mountain view or add low fire pits as perimeter warming features, you can select both design features and stonework ideally suited to your existing yard features and home construction.

While wooden fire pits can often send up dangerous sparks and will require the labor of stacking and hauling in wood and carrying out ash, gas fire pits require little maintenance and will provide hours of warmth and beauty thanks to low cost and plentiful natural gas.

Natural Gas Fire Pits Also

1) can be built with a wide lip for seating or to prevent little ones from getting too close
2) can feature a durable log facade for a rustic look
3) can be built in any configuration. If you need extra warmth but lack the space for a round fire pit, consider adding a long, narrow feature at the edge of a dining or seating area.

Outdoor Gas Appliances | Conclusion

Many of us spend most of our lives indoors, and summer gives us a chance to break away from the glow of the fluorescence and the constant presence of walls.

If you’d like to extend your summer escape, consider adding outdoor gas appliances to your outdoor living space.

This investment will improve your access to fresh air, give you a chance to boost your overall health, and increase the value of your home.

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