An outdoor gas BBQ will extend your summer festivities and outdoor family time.

If grilling outdoors is a favorite activity, it makes sense to invest in a permanent outdoor gas BBQ.

Include the necessities, like a counter top and some refrigerator storage. This installation will improve the value of your home and boost your backyard enjoyment.

Outdoor Gas BBQ | Laying the Groundwork

A permanent outdoor kitchen will take some planning below ground.

Because of that, it’s important to work with a natural gas professional who can help you plan around existing features, including water lines, phone lines, and any sprinkler features that may be buried below the sod. Outdoor Gas BBQ

In addition, be aware that this process can appear a bit catastrophic.

If you’ve got a lush green lawn, remember gas lines require trenching and digging processes call for heavy equipment.

Is this messy? Unfortunately, yes. Is the mess worth it to enjoy a permanent outdoor dining space? Absolutely!

Your outdoor kitchen feature may include a permanent patio installation or a stone path to the grill.

However, any failure in the gas line can lead to dangerous conditions. At the very least this may require tearing up existing landscape and permanent features like decks and patios.

On the other hand, by using us, you can be confident your new gas lines are properly installed and will not need to be dug up or repaired.

Gas Line Safety Is Our #1 Priority

Natural gas travels under pressure throughout the metro area, and any branches from natural gas piping changes that pressure.

So, handled professionally, this splitting process needs to be carefully monitored and captured:
1) Avoid dangerous leaks
2) Avoid freeze-ups in the line, because as the pressurized gas expands it will cool, and
3) Avoid inefficient burns, which can lead to dangerous carbon monoxide build-up.

At The Gas Connection we are focused on gas line safety.

We started with the proper laying of gas lines for residential and commercial applications over 38 years ago.

Your outdoor gas BBQ installation will be built on a foundation of safety and the proper handling of natural gas.

Outdoor Gas BBQ | Focus on Design

Once the groundwork is done and safe, you can customize your outdoor living space for your cooking and relaxing enjoyment!

Are you installing a stone island for your kitchen or are planning a full patio build? If so, our professional gas line installation team can help design the most efficient gas line layout for your grilling area.

You new grilling area can be a permanent finish to an existing outdoor room. It can also be the start of a whole new space if you plan well.

This design process will take some time to make certain that your gas lines are laid out as needed for the outdoor kitchen project and for future projects. However, having gas fire pits, programmable gas tiki torches and outdoor gas fireplaces will all make it worth it.


To sum up, are you set up to enjoy cooking outside in convenience and with plenty of prep space? Then other outdoor features including seating areas for dining, reading or just unwinding are great additions to your backyard.

Be certain to start your project right so you can build on a great foundation.

Call us at 303-466-4206 for information on the best outdoor gas BBQ layout for your roofless living space, and enjoy the sunset!

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