Outdoor gas grill options provide endless opportunities for the upcoming BBQ season. Planning and knowing your options is key to a successful paradise in your backyard. Are you really looking to just grill a few steaks, or are you looking for the ultimate backyard experience? The key to planning is knowing 3 things. Your budget, the intended use, and the usable space.

Let’s start with the basics and agree you’re just looking to grill this summer. Keeping the kitchen from heating up and to enjoy the experience and the taste of a well-cooked meal from your outdoor gas grill.

Well, you’ve picked the most cost-friendly option, established the use, and are going to use the least amount of real estate in your back yard. Now that you’ve decided on this option, you still have choices for the type of gas grill you need and want.

Gas Grill Optionoutdoor-gas-grills | Roll Cart

Choosing a roll cart outdoor gas grill allows you to store the grill near the back of your home for protection and then to roll it away to start your grilling. Most roll cart gas grills will come with a 12’ quick connect hose that gives you about 10’ of usable hose to keep your grill away from the house.

In addition, with the quick connect hose, is that it will completely disconnect and allow you to store your outdoor gas grill in the shed or garage for the winter.

Other options for this type of outdoor gas grill are the Pedestal or the in-ground post. Similarly, both of these options will keep your grill in a stationary fixed location. Only choose this option if you are 100% sure of the permanent location.

Now let’s get into the backyard grilling experience where the budget is more generous, the uses are endless and your outdoor gas grill becomes the center of attention. With these options, make no mistake, this will be an investment to your home and your lifestyle.

Built In Gas Grill Advantages

We can start with just the built-in outdoor gas grill that will stand as a permanent centerpiece in your backyard.

It will allow you to have counter space, storage area below the grill and the assurance that your grill will withstand rain, wind or snow. Because of these options, they will virtually be an all season cooking station that will allow you to enjoy all your summertime favorites while providing a year round experience.

Some people enjoy singing and dancing in the rain, but I prefer grilling, so we can enjoy that amazing experience and taste year round. You need to ask yourself, am I ready for a lifestyle change that will bring beauty to the backyard and peace and serenity to your soul?

Enjoying the great outdoors right in your backyard will bring family and friends together in a way you’ll wish you had done years ago. In other words, you still have choices to make so buckle up and let’s see how far your budget and imagination will allow you to go.

Are you also looking to do all your food prep outside? Then begin your outdoor living space with of course, your outdoor gas grill equipped with the side burners, rotisserie, and complimented with plenty of counter space. However, a sink can be convenient yet problematic, depending on your location and winter conditions.

Backyard Paradise | Natural Gas Additions

Keep in mind, that enjoying your outdoor gas grill in all seasons may require some supplemental heat. For instance, outdoor gas fireplaces, a gas fire pit, and even some natural gas infra-red heaters are great options.

Adding these features will increase your comfort and extend the use of your outdoor living area. Having all these amenities in your own backyard creates an atmosphere that is so welcoming that family and friends will want to gather and hang out year round.

When is the last time you have enjoyed the great outdoors with those you care most about without having to go through the stress of creating an itinerary and traveling to some remote destination? Now, your gathering place is just through your back door to your outdoor sanctuary.

In conclusion, make the decision to invest in your home, your health, and your social well being and step out back to enjoy the best summer you’ve ever had without having to leave your home sweet home.


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