An idle propane gas fireplace is the devil’s playground. Any time a gas fireplace is infrequently used there is usually a corrosion process that takes place. That prevents the thermocouple from producing the needed millivolts to activate the gas valve to come on.

Whether your home or cabin is supplied with propane or natural gas, if you have a gas fireplace it likes to be used. In fact, it behaves better when the pilot is kept on. That helps to reduce the corrosion process affecting the thermopile.

Simply put gas fireplaces like to be used and save you money in the long run. If your gas fireplace is located where it can also warm other rooms, the zone heating will keep the home heating system from running so much. This allows some of the bedrooms to be cooler which is great for sleeping and saving you money.

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Propane Gas Fireplace | Burners

So what if you are having challenges with your propane gas fireplace? For example,  the burner not igniting completely or smoothly.

First of all, propane will not go bad unless through some failure of the storage tank or controls. That could cause contamination, but that is very unlikely. The gauge that is reading over half full is probably accurate enough to indicate you have enough propane. Although, topping off the tank would take that variable out of the equation.

The most vulnerable culprit is the pilot assembly which when it becomes corroded or weak will either not allow the gas valve to turn on or do is sporadically. If the issue is with the burner not fully having ignition, then there could be a few issues.

The first is the media that is covering the burner may be blocking or impeding some of the burner ports. A cleaning of the burner from debris that may have fallen into the inside from the media may clear any partial blockage. Then careful placement of the media that covers the burner will help the pilot light flame to carry the flame across the burner for a full consistent ignition.

Regulators Need Regulating

To address any concern of your regulator on the outside of your house or cabin which regulates the pressure into your residence, it is unlikely that it has failed. If it did fail then most likely, it would allow your inside gas piping to be over pressurized which would keep your gas fireplace from running or it would cause it to have dangerously large flames bouncing off the inside top of your unit. The same thing would be happening to any other gas appliances in your home.

Typically, the only parts that wear out are the gas valve assembly including the pilot assembly and your burner. Keep in mind regular maintenance like The Gas Connection offers to all its customers will reduce costly repairs and keep your gas fireplace running safely and efficiently.

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